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Alla Prima Seashell Painting....

well that is what I planned on doing this morning.  I thought I would start with a quick underpainting of a seashell that I have.  I set up the lights and quickly blocked in the angles and shape of the seashell on my panel using diluted asphaltum oil paint with mineral spirits.

Then I got sucked in and rather than moving onto the color portion of painting, I ended up painting a very developed underpainting or open grisaille.  Oh well, it was too much fun to stop.  Working from life is so much fun, hard, but fun.  

This will give me a chance to mix my paints properly while the first layer dries.  I have several shells that I have collected over the years so I plan to do at least on painting alla prima of a seashell....or many indirect seashell paintings.

Suite E Life Drawing Sessions are Back!

So happy to be back at our life drawing sessions and at our new digs at Port Moody Art Association.  This is from the second session which was a sustained session.  In other words, we have a few warm up poses for 1 minute each and then the model is in the same pose for the rest of the night.

I prefer to do portraits so I honed in on her face as I never have time to do a whole figure.  I posted the process shots below.  Each image below represents a 25min sitting.

I was surprised to get so much done in the first 25min on the block in...perhaps I should have spent more time but hey, I was excited to get going.  I am really trying to focus on using straight lines only and blocking in the major shapes before moving to the smaller shapes. 

As you can see, by the time I got to her lips I had already added too much detail rather than thinking about the larger form.  Her eyes I had just roughed out the socket area as her eyes were closed during the first 25min session.  I really have to fight…