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Works on Paper Exhibition at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island

Thanks to my buddy, Caroline, for taking photos of my drawing which is currently on display in the Works on Paper Exhibition at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island.  The show is on until February 3, I hope to make it out before the show ends, there are lots of great pieces on display!

I think I found a new friend....

Pan Pastel on Newsprint
Why have I not played with Pan Pastels and newsprint before, SO much fun! I could not sleep so figured I would do a quick sketch as did not feel like having to clean brushes at 1am.  So I pulled out some old newsprint that I had forgotten I even had.  Ugh...still not tired....I think tomorrow is going to be a loooong day!

Happy New Year

It is that time of year when I used to make resolutions, most of of which died off by mid February.  So this year I am choosing to set "goals" rather than "resolutions".  To make it even easier, I am setting goals that I actually want to do and that are near impossible not to achieve! 
I have missed life drawing over the past couple of years so this of course is top on my list.  To make the time and commit to life drawing once a week, either from a live model or from an object in my studio or outside.  Did I mention I am also setting the goals near impossible not to achieve them? 
I actually am doing this for good reason.  I used to set such optimistic goals that I was destined to not achieve them as, let's face it, life gets busy in a hurry.  With age comes wrinkles..I mean wisdom... and I have realized if I set my goals to be so low that I would feel ridiculous not achieving them, that I actually achieve them and more.  
For example, I also set goals near t…