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Suite E Life Drawing Session - Sustained Pose with Gina

It seems like forever since I have been able to make it to Suite E Life Drawing at Port Moody Art Center, I was worried I would not remember how to draw!

Although I did not get nearly enough done on this, I was so happy to get the chance to draw from a model again that I really didn't care.  It is darker in real life as my darn flash kept going off on my camera and I was too lazy to find my detachable flash which directs the light at the ceiling rather than at the subject.

I have been busy painting in watercolor and acrylic lately and did not realize how much I have missed drawing.  I see a lot more sketching in my immediate future!

Plus I have to get back in the drawing groove for my upcoming Drawing From Life for the Beginner classes at Port Moody Art Center starting June 1, you can register at if you are interested.  Please register early as registration closes prior to start date of class.

If you are interested…