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Acrylic Abstraction Class Starting Sep 24, 2015

Just a few of the fun projects will be working on at the next Acrylic Abstraction class starting Sep 24, 2015 at the Port Moody Arts Center.

If you would like to join me, please register online at Port Moody Arts Center Online Link or call 604-931-2008.  Please register at least 5 days prior to class start date.

Acrylic Abstraction Class - Student Work

I wanted to share these beautiful pieces created by one of my students during one of my recent Acrylic Abstraction Classes.  She framed the pieces beautifully and they were included in the student exhibit at Port Moody Arts Center.

The pieces were done as part of one of the exercises that we do during class which is a process of exploration of how we can allow acrylics to react with the paper which guides how the painting will evolve.  For the top painting, three colors were used, for the bottom, only two colors were use.  Just goes to show what you can achieve with a very limited palette and a keen eye!

If you are interested, I have another Acrylic Abstraction class starting Sep 24 on Thur nights from 7-9pm.  You can register online at Port Moody Arts Center Online Link or call 604-931-2008 to register.

Registration for Fall Art Classes are Now Open!

Wow, time is flying by! Registration is already open for fall art classes.  Please check out my Workshops & Classes page to see a full list of classes I am offering this September.

I have planned new exercises and some fun projects for each of the classes and am so excited to share them!

Students have already signed up for several of the classes so if you are thinking of joining me, please don't wait too long to decide as spaces are limited.

Looking forward to another fun fall of teaching and sharing my love of art with all the art lovers out there :)

Alla Prima Painting of Blue Vase & Apples From Life

This is a little alla prima painting I painted yesterday in my studio, SO much fun!  The blue vase I found last week at the thrift store and love it.  I have been hunting for simple ceramic bowls and vases to paint and got very lucky with this one as it was exactly what I was looking for.

I usually paint using the indirect method but as I am short on time in the studio over the summer, I wanted to try alla prima so I could get in & get out all in one day as who knows when I can get back in the studio in this heat!

I used a very limited palette, only the three primary colors and burnt umber and white which is the same palette I use for plein air painting.  Using a limited palette really simplifies the painting process and makes the painting feel more I manage to keep my palette so much more organized and clean! I will have to take a photo of my palette next time. 

This was painted from life with no preliminary drawing other than a very rough block in with the bur…

Wisteria Acres Art Retreat with Lalita Hamill & Michael King

Last week I got to spend two wonderful days at Wisteria Acres for the Art Retreat in Langley, BC put on by Michael King & Lalita Hamill....SO fun!

I went last year for one day but this year I planned ahead so I could make it for two days.  On the first day Michael King did  a demo filled with tons of great tips.  We then went to Pagoda Ridge Golf club to paint for a few hours.  

When we got there everyone migrated to a huge shady tree (did I mention it was smokin hot, 34 degrees, ugh) and set up in front of a pond with a beautiful view of the mountains.  I loved the pond but of course the view I wanted was outside the golf course, looking through a chain link fence.  

Luckily I still had the shade of the tree so it was such a great afternoon of painting.  I have not done much plein air or alla prima painting as I mostly do indirect oil painting.  I found that I tend to rush when plein air painting and use too many brush strokes so I really focused on slooooowwwing down for this one a…