Friday, July 10, 2015

Alla Prima Painting of Blue Vase & Apples From Life

Blue Vase, Green Apples - 6x8" Oil on Paper Canvas
This is a little alla prima painting I painted yesterday in my studio, SO much fun!  The blue vase I found last week at the thrift store and love it.  I have been hunting for simple ceramic bowls and vases to paint and got very lucky with this one as it was exactly what I was looking for.

I usually paint using the indirect method but as I am short on time in the studio over the summer, I wanted to try alla prima so I could get in & get out all in one day as who knows when I can get back in the studio in this heat!

I used a very limited palette, only the three primary colors and burnt umber and white which is the same palette I use for plein air painting.  Using a limited palette really simplifies the painting process and makes the painting feel more I manage to keep my palette so much more organized and clean! I will have to take a photo of my palette next time. 

This was painted from life with no preliminary drawing other than a very rough block in with the burnt umber paint thinned out with odorless mineral spirits.  That is the only stage that I use the straight mineral spirits as I hate the thought of it wafting through the air in my studio even though I have the window open.  Then I used straight paint with the smallest amount of medium I could get away with, just to give the paint a bit of flow.  I actually really enjoyed how I did not have the drawing to worry about "keeping", which is the beauty of painting a more simple set up.

I meant to take a photo of the still life set up but I forgot, darn.  I used the shadow boxes I made for my Drawing From Life classes that I teach, which is the same as I used for the shell  but I used a proper clamp light with a daylight bulb which shone in from the top.   I plan on doing a lot more paintings with this set up so I will get a photo of the next one I do.  I really love simplicity of these "boxes" as I can adjust the lighting so easily and just leave set up.

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