Saturday, November 8, 2014

Oil Landscape Sketch - Around the Bend

Oil Sketch - Around the Bend $95 Framed
This is another quick little oil sketch I did during the summer when I was trying to get ready for an upcoming Plein Air workshop that I signed up for. 

I worked from my imagination for this one and was experimenting with mixing various greens as I do not paint all.  I was quite happy with how the distant mountains turned out.

Working from imagination it turns out is much harder than working from real life, at least for me it is!  When I finally did get to go to the Plein Air Workshop I was pleasantly surprised with how my practice of mixing and trying different brush work paid off and I could just focus on what was in front of me and enjoy the day. 

I am definitely hooked on plein air painting and hope to do some over the winter as well...when it is not raining that is.

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