Friday, June 5, 2015

Suite E Life Drawing - Sustained Pose with Lily & AGM Tues June 9, 2015

Sustained Pose - Drawing of Lily
Well this Tues was the last drawing session with Suite E Life Drawing group until September, gasp...sob.  This is my effort from that session with a lot of shading work done at home, I am sooo slow!

There are several areas that I would have liked to improve but this method while hugely fun, is not one of speed, so this is as far as I got.  I would love to have sessions with the model where we do the same pose and model for two to four sessions to fully complete a drawing...perhaps something that the group can implement next season if others are interested?

If you would like to put add your voice, please join us for our AGM Tues June 9th at Port Moody Arts Center.  We are a non-profit Life Drawing Group and welcome new members and drop in artists and students.

You are welcome to become a member if you are not already as memebers decide on what things to keep or change to make annually to make our life drawing group even better year after year.  Come on out with ideas and an appy/desert as we will have a little pot luck party after the meeting.

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